Exodus: Gods and Kings Review

Exodus_w300GRADE: B

RATED: PG-13 ( violence including battle sequences and intense images)



I’ve been looking forward to Exodus ever since it was “Ridley Scott Biblical project starring Christian Bale as Moses”, my thoughts were that this would be like Gladiator, but in a different setting. The film has a massive scope that is fully satisfied, the special effects were amazing, especially the plagues, and Christian Bale’s performance was outstanding. The battle scenes were very well done and were backed by excellent cinematography. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Ben Kingsley in a supporting role. The film, however did have it’s issues. My main issue was that I couldn’t stand Joel Edgerton’s Ramses, his performance was unconvincing at best. The film also had very sluggish pacing, at points it seemed like it was speeding up, and then it suddenly started moving slow once again. The film was also terribly predictable, although this is an extremely well known story, the film used obvious and weak foreshadowing that made the film feel too predictable and at times cliched, but all is forgiven because of that amazing plagues scene. Overall, Exodus is a film worth seeing this holiday season.

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