Fury Review

Fury_w300GRADE: B+

RATED: R (strong sequences of war violence, some grisly images, and language throughout)



Fury (directed by David Ayer) is a raw story of the brutality of war. The acting was superb, and they were able to make every scene seem very intense. The leading cast consisted of Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBouf, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal. The film is about a fictional WWII tank crew that lasted four years together. The film was based on the accounts of several WWII tank operators, all of the stories were brought together. The film’s main focus is a boy named Norman (Lerman), Norman is thrusted into a tank crew after one of their men just died. Norman evolves from never having killed to killing nazis without a second thought, which is interesting to watch. The other characters slowly become more and more developed, so that you care for each of them. The film takes place at the end of WWII (1945 I believe, possibly 1946), and it really is very different from other WWII films. The tank battle scenes were also extraordinary. I learned that German tanks were all around more powerful than those of the Allies, which was made very clear during the battles. Overall I would say Fury is worth watching for anyone that wants something on the heavy side.

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