The Interview Review

interview_w300GRADE: B+

RATED: R (pervasive language, crude and sexual humor, nudity, some drug use and bloody violence)



On practically every website there’s something about The Interview, be it a review, or just some sort of article with news on its release or controversy. The film, for those who don’t know, is the latest film written and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Its an action comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco who are tasked with killing North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong Un. The film was forced out of release after North Korea threatened any theater that showed it. The film was aired on VOD the day before its preset release and later put into select theaters. Many people criticized the film, expecting a smart satire on North Korea, which is definitely not what The Interview is.  Many probably expected a different film than Seth Rogen’s standard film had it not been canceled for a few days. I enjoyed The Interview, I knew what to expect, its a low brow comedy, it uses low IQ characters to do stupid things and make the audience laugh, and it does a great job of doing so. Seth Rogen and James Franco both gave hilarious performances. The one thing that really stood out the film was Randall Park’s performance, Park played Un. The film mocked Un by making him a man child wishing for his dead father’s approval. It really worked for the character and made for some hilarious moments. The film’s jokes were good, for the most part, but some didn’t work at all and some came off as dumb filler content. The jokes worked most of the time though, and considering the amount of jokes, it succeeded on that front. The Interview is funny, I’d say its just as good as This Is The End, but it won’t be appealing to those who don’t find low brow humor funny, but there is also some political satire to mix it up. The Interview is playing in select theaters and is on VOD services such as iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, XBox video, and will soon be on Time Warner Cable, Playstation Network, and Comcast.

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